Busy at Work by Susan Tepper

It’s hell working here in Jersey with that pervert Twitchy who sits behind the makeshift partition in this crummy little office.  I listen for sounds coming from him.  He’s dead quiet back there.  On the phone I whisper to my friend Jason from the New York office that I’m sure Twitchy is masturbating. Jason goes totally hysterical.  Says I have a vivid imagination. You think so?  I say, desperate to be back on Madison Avenue again.  This job transfer was one huge fucking mistake.  I tell Jason that Twitchy insists I have lunch with him in this hideous diner every day, where the hot roast beef gravy is gray.  He always smiles at me over the menu.  And he never stops, you know, twitching.  His eyes twitch.  His lips twitch.  His hair, thinning, twitches.  I don’t like thinking about what else might be twitching back behind that partition. Jason tells me I should knock it over like by accident.  Are you nuts?  I say.  Jason tells me then you’ll know for sure.

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6 responses to “Busy at Work by Susan Tepper

  1. Very well-drawn setting and character.

  2. Randal Houle

    More curiosity and longing for certainty. I loved gray gravy, great images in a short space.

  3. There’s always a weirdo in the office, some scarier than others. Twitchy. So well drawn I won’t forget him. Peace…

  4. I like how the office partition is mirrored in the reference to him looking over the menu. Nice story.

  5. guy

    I like the tension between wanting to know and not wanting to know. Like us, Jason just wants a good story.

  6. Sounds like conservations some of my friends have.

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