Deadlines by Derin Attwood

Twenty six little letters. Effortless, often I use fewer. The right combination? Not so easy, and often daunting. Most of it, because well, sometimes it works, but often it doesn’t. Then it’s a rewrite, an occasional ‘eureka’ moment or boring, tedious, horrifying.

That’s my work. Every day, seven days a week, and sometimes ten hours a day. In my office at nine o’clock (or ten if it’s one of those mornings). A quick check on emails, and then research and writing.

My horizon is littered with deadlines. I could miss one or two. There is no rule that says I have to make this one or that. Well, only the rule in my head. So who will know? Possibly no-one … except me. That’s the niggle in my mind … what good is a deadline if I don’t make it? So on Sunday evenings, I’ll work later, and it’s the same with the other deadlines. I’ve got to do it, and I will.

And I do.

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2 responses to “Deadlines by Derin Attwood

  1. Nice.

    I love that you keep the promises to yourself to make the deadlines. The promises you make yourself are important.

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