Friendly Conversation by Jen Rose

Lexi jumped at a sudden vibration at her hip and took two slow, hesitant breaths. Just her phone… and nerves. Carefully, soundlessly, she extracted it from her pocket, pulled her coat around it to block the light, and peered at the text message glowing on her screen.

< Hey! Where are you? >

She bit her lip, pressed herself closer to the dark wall, and tapped out a reply.

< Work >

It wasn’t a lie. And a little friendly conversation with her “subject” couldn’t hurt.

< Coffee shop’s open this late? >


< Other job. You? >

< Working late. As usual. >

< I can tell ;) Bet you’re sitting at your desk texting me instead of working >

< lol! If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were watching me. >

She peeked through the vent into the office below. All she could see was his back… copper hair and white shirt. Strings of code spread across his monitor. He shut it down. She watched him gather his things and walk out of the room, still typing away as the door shut behind him. Another buzz.

< So… what’s your other job? >

< It’s complicated. Gotta get back to it >

< K. Call me later. Love ya. >


< You too. Good night. >

Finally. She sighed, shoved the phone back into her pocket, removed the grate from the vent. Guilt would have to wait. This system wasn’t going to hack itself.

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