Open the door, baby, daddy’s back by Ryder Collins

She said, You’re lucky you didn’t show up last night when I was drinking sake but it was to0 gross so I drank almost all of it & then switched to gin and tonics.

He said, I was busy.

He said, Look I came all this way, all right?

She said, Yeah, but.

He said, I crossed state lines.

He said, Many lines.

He said, You’re the only one that gets me, baby. Really. The only one.

She said, Yeah.

She said, I still wouldn’ta let you in last night.

He said, Are you still drunk?

She said, What time is it?

She looked at her wrist; it was freckled and rope-scarred and sans watch, of course.

He said, I killed my roommate’s cat.

She almost heard, I killed my roommate; she almost closed the door.

She said, That’s why you’re here.

He said, No.

He said, I fucked my roommate.

He said, I fucked some other women, too. After.

He said, The cat was an accident. Really. The only one, baby.

She opened the door all the way & let him in.

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3 responses to “Open the door, baby, daddy’s back by Ryder Collins

  1. Boy that’s depressing. Some people never learn.

  2. Great street voice here, and love the structure of the dialogue. I just want to shake them both! Peace…

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