Working From Home at The Office by Susan Gibb

He got up, had breakfast, showered and dressed, and sat down at the computer to log in at his job. Norm checked for new emails and read them one by one. He laughed out loud. That Bob was a card. Who knew where he got these things. Norm forwarded the jokes to his friends. He logged into Twitter, then Facebook. Then it was time for a break.

He rinsed out his cup and set it inside the sink. He opened the refrigerator and eyed all the shelves, waiting for something to call out to him. He finally took an apple and went back to his desk. He checked his email. And Twitter and Facebook. He clicked open a file and worked on it for almost an hour. Then he logged off for lunch.

Norm was between a nerd and a geek. He figured things out for himself surfing sites, downloading programs and playing around until he got stuck. Then he’d seek help on the forums, scrolling through posts, getting sidetracked by interesting threads.

He had a two o’clock meeting on Skype. After that, he worked more on the project files, making revisions suggested at the meeting. He was tired, it’d been a usual busy Monday and five o’clock loomed. He closed up the file, checked email (and Twitter and Facebook), and logged out.

With his jacket over his arm and car keys in hand, Norm sighed and left for the day.

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2 responses to “Working From Home at The Office by Susan Gibb

  1. Matt Potter

    Sadly, this sounds like my life too often, and I don’t get paid to do it. The monotony and the patterns established her are almost OCD! I enjoyed this story a lot

  2. LOL I love meta stories. Personal experience? :D

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