Every little thing by Catherine Russell

I’m not hurting anyone.
I’m just buying shoes
(probably made in Chinese slave labor camps)
or eating lunch
(of slaughtered animals)
or having dessert-
(made with cocoa harvested by child slaves)…
I didn’t know.
I didn’t want to know.
I just want to be left alone.

I work hard. Don’t I deserve to live my life without
getting hit over the
head for every little thing?

Who was it that said, “Life’s about the little things…”

Oh, Shut up. I’m a responsible person.
I’m a responsible person-
I pay my bills, my taxes, donate to charity-
I’m responsible.

So I’m not responsible for the way the world is.
It’s everyone else
but me.

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12 responses to “Every little thing by Catherine Russell

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  2. gosh, the quandaries of modern wo|man…you sculpted them very well in this litany – like it a lot.

  3. Al McDermid

    It’s everyone else
    but me.

    *thundering applause*

    Since writing for this one, I’ve not been able to get my mind off the subject. It just seems so overwhelming and it’s easy to believe that individuals can do nothing.

    And I have few ideas, unfortunately.

  4. This was WONDERFUL. Tremendous job.

  5. The reason we read is to feel. This poem made me feel rotten. Maybe I am rotten. But, I personally know the author (who is the coolest lady). She would want us to think about our impact on our surroundings and our friends that we’ve haven’t yet met. Thank You Catherine for the reminder.

  6. Powerful stuff, Catherine. I’ve been pondering this theme all week as well, and I think you’ve nailed my angst — we can never do enough. but maybe, just maybe, it’s the small gestures that will save our world. If everyone does one small thing… Peace…

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  8. intense, and stinging.

    and so interesting to find this as part of this issue – it’s like a connecting counterpart to my text “Conjugation”. i blogged about it, quoting from both, here: http://virtual-notes.blogspot.com/2010/09/thirteen.html

  9. guy

    I sympathise with the voice here. How much better would the world really be if I were to make all the right consumer choices? Can I save the world by shopping? Something’s already been decided.

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