Choice 9 by Dorothee Lang

The day starts like any other of her days. She gets up at 6.30, gets dressed, has a cup of coffee, and leaves the apartment at 7.05.

It’s a crisp, clear morning, and she actually enjoys the walk to the bus station. As always, she is two minutes early. She likes it that way.

Yet that day, her daily rhythm is disturbed by a Chinese dragon who walks down the street. It’s not a real dragon, of course. Just a promotion dragon. It stops in front of her.

“A free fortune cookie for you,” the dragon says, and hands it to her with his green paw.

“Thanks,” she replies.

Her bus approaches, the dragon waves goodbye. In the bus, she opens the cookie, pulls out the folded piece of paper, and reads:

This month, emotions are emphasized in circles. The real focus is the purpose of your life. A heart wide open can require major transitions.

Lucky number: 9

She reads the lines again, tries to make sense of them. Maybe their real meaning got lost in translations, she concludes. The only thing that speaks to her is the number: 9.

From that day on, for a surprisingly long time, she waits for a situation that could be about luck, about a choice that includes some kind of nine. But the days move on in their usual, dragonfree rhythm, none of them holding a door 9, or a room 9, or any kind of choice 9.

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8 responses to “Choice 9 by Dorothee Lang

  1. Great piece, Dorothee. I love the hope, the promise, and the ultimate reality of human nature. Well done!

  2. she’s still waiting, i love that openness and the strong image of the dragon and the dialogue in this piece. of course it’s not “just a promotion dragon” – i’ll never believe that – he’s the real deal…

  3. thanks for the feedback. and interesting about the real nature of the dragon – yes, it might be either, which gives the story a touch of magic realism.

    i like how this magic elemen moves through the flash issue, with armed rabbits and melting fudge skies. definitely inspiring.

  4. I don’t believe in lucky numbers, but the idea of lucky something is always seductive, and your depiction of the eternal hope, eternal look-out, eternal longing, is wonderful … we can distance ourselves and see ourselves playing in these dramas, and still be a major part of them.

  5. Kelly Grotke

    I like the weaving together of the whimsical and the purposive, skepticism and hope – nice

  6. Nice, especially the dragon that’s not really a dragon. :)

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