Genesis By Roberta Lawson

I read that hyenas come out of the womb already fighting. In that sentiment I recognised you.

Inside me you kicked and cartwheeled– me bent double with nausea but still a strange smile on my face- convinced that after three boys, I had a female martial artist growing in my abdomen. The doctors muttered nervously about Caesarans. Your father took to pubs at night-time, late business meetings, more and more time stood outside smoking, and stopped quite meeting my eye. I wrapped my arms around the swollen drum of my belly and still I couldn’t stop smiling. Your brothers were grown already. From then, it’d be you and I.

November — you sprang from me, red-white and slippery, arched a finger at the world, drew a breath, exhaled– roared. And I thought yes – yes, this is what I’ve been waiting for.

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5 responses to “Genesis By Roberta Lawson

  1. Ah yes, I love this. Told in a skilled poetic voice.

  2. agree with susan and on a more personal note it does bring back memories, too. birth of a little lion, really. excellent.

  3. Gorgeous work. Loved it.

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