The Lucky Guy by Darryl Price

My lucky number is mushroom.
My lucky number is bat. My
lucky number is pear. My lucky
number is Milky Way. My

lucky number is cricket. is
cloud. is seahorse. Is learning a
lucky number? I think it is.
My lucky number is waterfall.

My lucky number is dragon–
which is timeless but also
untameable so really it
just might be zeroed out. My next

lucky number is daughter. Then
there’s poem–in which we are all
allowed to say I love you right
out loud and mean it. You get it.

P.S. My lucky number is
mercy. My lucky number is
Beatle. My lucky ones come with
their own regiment of angels.

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5 responses to “The Lucky Guy by Darryl Price

  1. Darryl, you know I love this. It’s so beautifully suggesting that we appreciate and celebrate what we have.

  2. i’m a sucker for angels. great poem.

  3. Martin Brick

    I have to admit, I love the fact that the theme is “lucky number” and this utterly defines numbers.

  4. Kelly Grotke

    well-done disruption of the potential tyrannies and compulsions of numbers

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