Third Time’s the Charm by Linda Simoni-Wastila


Gimme lucky three.


Third wife, a trio of kiddos, three-bedroom rancher. Once, in Reno, I rolled threesies, won 30k. Still owe that much on the trawler.


Clickety-click. Click.

Now, damn boat’s on blocks — three years ’til the shrimp come clean. No jobs except drinking. Plum outta luck, one bullet left.


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10 responses to “Third Time’s the Charm by Linda Simoni-Wastila

  1. Awesome what you crammed into so few words, Linda–a lifetime.

  2. good stuff, linda, very evocative, strong character building on a word patch the size of a small stamp…love this

  3. stephen

    i like this. i want to hear it as an audio piece. i think it’d work really well.

  4. yes, yes, an audio piece would be good … so short and dramatic, it’s over and then you realise its full impact!

  5. whew. this story is truly loaded with a lifetime.

  6. guy

    Like everyone else, i like the economy. The sounds resonate.

  7. Thanks all for reading! I enjoyed the 55 word constraint, gives the story structure. I need to explore audioboo and other audio site — a friend taped CAN’T WAIT and it was powerful.

    Slowly making the rounds here — life, ya know? Peace…

  8. Bernie

    I really like this.

  9. randalhoule

    loaded story… pun intended.

    nicely written and for the theme.

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