Spider by Kelly Grotke

This is where I will build my web, near the light from an open window, and wait for my meal to come.   Amor fati.  A mere spider, not very widely read but I did read once that we are born to catch flies as humans are to be consumed by sorrows, even though it troubles me sometimes that I can see no horizon beyond this truth, the magnitude of it all makes me quiver when it overtakes me, I lose my step and you can imagine the result.  But then I remember that I am nowhere else but here and now, and I continue with my work, leaving the rest up to chance and luck, since whether I feast or starve depends on endless backward-bending causes far beyond my awareness, which is, as I have already admitted, very limited, and also incapable of irony.  It is said that only humans are aware of the past and capable of divining its mysteries, untangling freedom from necessity and, so they say, from themselves in the process, but I am a mere spider, and all my expressive spinning is a mechanical tendency peculiar to my kind, an interpolation in the corner of someone’s window, and if my mistakes along with labor’s endless contingencies deny my work the perfection of pure geometric abstraction after which I so evidently strive,  it is good then to remember that we cannot feed forever on ideals without going hungry.

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13 responses to “Spider by Kelly Grotke

  1. The last thought is killer. Superbly interesting and entertaining, well-written piece here.

    • Kelly Grotke

      thanks, Susan – my tribute to the little spider in the corner of my window, and to all its handiwork over these last months

  2. guy

    Incapable of irony my ass, spidey.

    As always, great stuff.

  3. Mere spider indeed. Love the line we are “…born to catch flies as humans are to be consumed by sorrows.” Peace…

    • Kelly Grotke

      thanks, Linda – and to give credit where credit is due, that line comes from an 80 year old Voltaire, meditating on what life has taught him. He was perhaps the most fair to spiders, who seem to have become somehow more frightening to philosophers in the following century, hehe

  4. I love spiders! And that final thought is something I need to keep in mind…

  5. A moralistic spider. Charlotte needs to watch out!

  6. Bernie

    I love this. Every sentence.

  7. awesome. this is the first time ever i read a story from the pov of a spider.

  8. stephen

    nice. conceptually, it reminds me of the frog and scorpion story somehow.

  9. Kelly Grotke

    thanks all for your kind words. @ Elizabeth – yes, me too, hehe. @ Ganymeder – I did have to restrain myself from somehow working in “great pig!” @ Steve, what is the story?

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