Firecrackers by Christian Bell

The last time I shouted at my parents, they made me leave.  Mom cried.  Dad pushed me out the door. Their dog growled at me.

The last time I visited the coffee shop it was a gas station.  I was twenty.  My friend, alive.  Days young, air sweet like candy.

The last time the wind blew I hopped on a leaf and soared.  Carefree, eyes closed, unconcerned where I’d land, what new home was mine.

The last time someone pointed a gun at me I laughed.  Do us all a favor, jackass, and fire.  Those days I was explosives, cyanide.

The last time I drank too much the following words applied: vodka, prank, panties, vomit, Doberman, theft, pizza, tears, grammar, nudity, supine, firecrackers, sprint, warthog.

The last time, you said, an unfinished thought.  Brain misfire, it happens.  You stood, quizzical, eyes searching for the rest.  In the kitchen, popcorn burned.

The last time I pointed a gun at someone it was empty.  Old girlfriend.  We were stoned. To her, pointing meant shooting.  We both cried.

The last time I jumped off a building I bounced.  Sixteen stories.  People ask, why.  I say, I knew I’d bounce.  Hopeless liar.  Elastic posterior.

The last time I talked to my dead friend it snowed.  We drank wine, watched stupid movies, made snowballs.  Let’s get together soon.  We parted.

The last time.  Here’s where I put my foot down.  That’s it.  I’ve become my parents.  No more.  I’ll remind you of past trespasses.  Explode.


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7 responses to “Firecrackers by Christian Bell

  1. I love these types of pieces, and this one not only has so many great moments (The last time I drank too much the following words applied; You stood, quizzical, eyes searching for the rest. In the kitchen, popcorn burned.; #9 really struck home), there are moments that build. Just supurb.

  2. You tell an exquisite story between the moments, Christian.

  3. amazing. a story told in a mosaic of 10 single pieces. yes, exquisite story-telling.

  4. Amazing what you can tell from just those few snippets of a life.

  5. This is one of my favorite pieces I’ve read of yours. Peace…

  6. Darryl P.

    Love the inventiveness on display here and it keeps catching you up for more. Great work.

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