Last Time, Last Man by Susan Gibb

He finally asked her out. She was ecstatic. He, a junior partner of the firm and the only good-looking guy who wasn’t married. There were other unmated lawyers but toads were better bred.

Evelina started life as Evelyn but changed it as being more exotic. She was, by more opinion than just her own, a beautiful woman. Skin of milk chocolate melting into molded curves, soft straight hair from genes likely left by rape before the Civil War, and the golden brown eyes of a mink. She was smart Southern charm. No one, least of all Evelina, could figure out why she hadn’t been down the aisle long before now, at thirty-two, as her melting curves threatened to layer into double-dipped thickness.

They met at Trattoria, he waving her from a darkened corner table. Evelina smiled, striding confidently as if she hadn’t been hiding in the ladies room for twenty minutes because she’d arrived too soon. He ordered for them, which she found both endearing and outrageously annoying. Since she would have chosen the same thing, she let it ride but did murmur about it being overcooked.

In bed he swiftly took over, instating her in the woman-on-knees position which she’d never liked. He also took a long time, leaving her exhausted and grumpy by the time he came.

“Last time, last man,” she told her new friend Leah. “I think we’ll have the swordfish,” she told the waiter, ignoring Leah’s protests.


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11 responses to “Last Time, Last Man by Susan Gibb

  1. randalhoule

    as her melting curves threatened to layer into double-dipped thickness.

    another story with chocolate in it… I’m going to need to run to the chocolatier.

  2. Lou

    Famous ‘last’ words. ;-) Enjoyed this, Susan. Well done.

  3. whew! what a ride, especially with the casually thrown-in tough details in sentences that stat seemingly harmless: from ‘chocolate melting molded’ to ‘left by rape’.
    and great ambiguity of character, with her picking up behaviour she detested.

  4. Thank you all! She’s picking up a switch in sexual preferences too I think.

  5. dark, admirably dark but so sure in tone and color.

  6. Troubling–in a well-written sort of way.

  7. So many great details: ‘but toads were better bred’, ‘genes likely left by rape’. And this, ‘a darkened corner table’, told me this date wasn’t going where she was expecting it to go. I’m not sure how to read the last line, if she’s like the men, or has become like the men (or something else entirely).

  8. I think she’s a little too controlling, just like her dinner date. Well done.

  9. In a mirror darkly… Great stuff, Susan. Love the ambiguity at the end, but in the end it doesn’t matter if it’s boys or girls you’re with, it’s all about who’s calling the shots. Peace…

  10. Interesting story here, and I felt like it was the start of a much longer piece. She intrigued me, I liked her sassy quality and how she let him make the food choice, but kind of sabotaged him too. The sex scene surprised me, she was more submissive than I imagined her to be. Maybe that meant she’d already made up her mind about men, but was in it for one last shot.

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