Alive, una tarde by Piet Nieuwland

Alive, una tarde, one afternoon

Amongst the bread, the wine,
and my soul in lemon yellow hours

Looking at her immediately
In a deep red dazzle

Shankara, giver of joy
Wandering in the ocean of deathless life

Echoing funereal rites
In fecundate stanzas, octaves of romancing
Cascades with drumsticks, rivers of guitars and gongs

Tropical torrents of devas igniting

Dining together, they spent their life for a moment

In a diamond sutra threading
A night woven of bodies and naked hearts

On the axilla of a fragile oar


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3 responses to “Alive, una tarde by Piet Nieuwland

  1. The use of the colors and music was beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous. The last line – ethereal. Peace…

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