Catacombs by Guy Yasko


The last time I was in Paris, I slept next to a piano and ate with
sopranos. I painted the bridges. (Everyone does.) I sketched in cafés
and bars.

— May I see it?

— Yes, of course.


We walked through Montparnasse and sat on a bench in January sun. “I
want to die there.” I meant another place, where she was from. I held
her hand.


I ran to answer when the phone rang. Wet footprints from the shower. I
told her I’d visit. I said I’d write.


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5 responses to “Catacombs by Guy Yasko

  1. Kelly Grotke

    catacombs – yes, that is a nice way of putting it

  2. Darryl P.

    This works for me, evoking everything that breaks a heart and keeps us too far apart.

  3. guy

    Thanks for reading and the comments everyone.

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