Julian Series by Stephen Hastings-King

In the faintly orange air of a late afternoon I sit at a tiny metal sidewalk café table across from another.

I ran into Julian again. I remember the book he comes from but not how he migrated from it.
From one plane in the world to another.
Fictional characters are as real as you are.

Each of us is embedded in a time-space. Each carries embeddedness like a fan. When they overlap transparent mosaics form in the air.

Julian and I talk about lines of flight.
Lines of flight?
The desire to become someone else by being somewhere else.
The desire to find the place that will save you from yourself.

I look at the mottled sky from which everything seems suspended.

Every encounter with Julian is exactly the same. .
Exactly the same?
Each time the realization takes shape beneath the surface of the conversation.
A series within a series that makes seconds seem smothering


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7 responses to “Julian Series by Stephen Hastings-King

  1. Fabulous concept here that itches at my mind.

  2. guy

    I should go back and listen to Dom’s spiel on the Red & the Black and see if the repetition changes anything.

  3. Oh my, this was so layered. I love this. Well worth multiple readings.

  4. Kelly Grotke

    the fan, and the rhythms of the questions, are my favorite parts, very nice

  5. Very cool piece, almost poetic. The faintly orange sky, later mottled, adds a sense of foreboding.

    And I often run into my characters in real life. Odd…

  6. stephen

    thanks very much for the comments, comrades.
    this came out of a dream in which i had coffee (again) with julian sorel from stendahl’s “red and black.” in it, embeddedness was strangely literal. so i just went with it. the questions, however, were alot of work. the rhythm came out of working and reworking the sequences. it kinda took over. i’m a little surprised when i look at this piece.

    i’m pleased that you like.

    linda: tell more about running into your characters in 4-space….

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