Magic, Inconspicuous by Katherine Nabity

“We never figured out how you did it.”

Aleister didn’t like it when his past caught up with him. It always seemed to happen in an airport bar. He tried to never be early for a flight, but he couldn’t do much about delayed planes. At least not with all the airport security watching him.

“Can you still do it?” His name was Jerry. Aleister remembered him from grade school. He hadn’t seen Jerry in over twenty years.

Jerry pulled a dime from his pocket and placed it on the table.

The trick was simple. Aleister, blindfolded, would reach under a hand towel and touch a dime. If he didn’t think about it, he could easily rearrange the substance of the coin, turning it into gold. Or at least something as soft and yellow as his friends believed gold to be.

The only time he failed was when Dave Harris moved the cloth to see if Aleister was replacing the dimes. The last time he performed the trick was when Grandma Betsy caught him. He feared a spanking, but Grandma Betsy simply shook her head in disappointment. He promised to never use his talent so conspicuously again. His magic would fail him if everyone knew about it.

“No,” said Aleister, “I don’t do that sort of thing anymore.”

Jerry, sitting across from him, didn’t notice that the liquid in Aleister’s glass became a little more Jack and a little less Coke.


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9 responses to “Magic, Inconspicuous by Katherine Nabity

  1. Really nice ending on this, the perfect choice of a whole array of possibilities.

  2. Jim Tolar

    I echo Susan’s comment. You stuck the landing, big time.

  3. Good, quick little look at the character. It’s canon enough, I think, and quite fun.

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  5. Great job on this one! I like how he’s not doing that anymore as he works his magic on the glass.

  6. Fits in well with the rest of his stories. I enjoyed this.

  7. Most excellent story. You nailed the ending – wunderbar! Peace…

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