The Last Time by Catherine Russell

The sweet aroma hung heavy in the air as the creature watched the young girl collect flowers. Roses, violets, and daffodils lined the path she strode, but the strongest scent by far was jasmine.

The girl’s loveliness exceeded that of the garden. Her hair flowed down her back like a cascade of shimmering gold. Milky white skin, rosebud lips, and sea green eyes attracted the demon to her. The bushes rustled slightly as the fiend leaned closer, mouth open, fangs exposed.

“Who’s there?” called the girl. She dropped more flowers into the basket and turned toward the sound. No one answered.

The demon returned to his realm. Overcome by the shadowy reflection of the heaven he’d left behind, the banished angel clutched one thin jasmine strand. His punishment had not rid him of the desire for love and beauty, only the ability to experience it. Hot tears stung his cheeks, even as the flower in his hand withered, filling the air with the smell of burning jasmine.


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18 responses to “The Last Time by Catherine Russell

  1. Poor demon, the rustling bushes was a funny image. Had a nice fairy tale/romantic feel while being about a demon stalking a pretty girl.

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  3. Feel sorry for the poor demon whose punishment does not prevent him from mourning the beauty that he is not allowed to experience.

    Beautiful description of the young lady.

  4. Interesting and well developed story. I don’t want to feel sorry for a demon, but I sort of do. Excellent job!

  5. Haunting. But, maybe the demon was banished for doing something good. hmmmm
    What does burning Jasmine smell like. I used the metaphor this week that the “burning Dragonborn Mercenary smells like someones holding a lighter to a Slim Jim. Not Pleasant. Great Entry Catherine.

  6. Vandamir

    Beautiful story and makes demons much more sympathetic than one normally sees them. He definitely has a reason to want to return to our realm and it’s not an evil one. Well done.

  7. Deanna Schrayer

    Wow, Catherine, I’ve never felt so sorry for a demon before. Lovely description throughout and so very well told.

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  9. lauraeno

    As others said, I feel sorry for the demon. The burning jasmine is a haunting touch.

  10. Lush details. Beautiful. Poor demon.

  11. Makes you almost feel sorry for him…. had me worried for a moment there that maybe he was going to do something to the girl, but then maybe there is redemption for a demon that can be struck by such beauty eh?

  12. Thank you, everyone, for the feedback and kind comments. :)

  13. Lovely feelgood short.

    Quite an unusual slant on a demon’s feelings.

    There should be more demons like that. :)

  14. He’s a reluctant demon I think and maybe there is some promise in your words that some day he can be a reformed demon. I loved how you approached this giving the story a tone like “Little Red Riding-hood” and then having the innocent not quite meet the deadly. Great work.

  15. Empathy for a demon — you wrought magic to bring me there. Love the ending image of burning jasmine. Peace…

  16. Nice description, especially with the burning jasmine at the end.

  17. Aww that is sad. Almost like a fairy tale to start with and funny how you made us feel sorry for a demon. I like the reference to burning jasmine at the end.

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