A Good Day by Michelle Elvy

The last time Emily wore her hair down was fifteen years back. But this was a celebration. Hairpins lay scattered on her dressing table, the tight dark twist finally released.

She went downstairs. “You look good,” said a friend, tucking a tendril behind Emily’s ear.

And why not? Paul lay six feet under ground. Finally.


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6 responses to “A Good Day by Michelle Elvy

  1. Oh this made me smile … and then laugh … a fun story, short and sharp and bright and dark

  2. Concise and quick and just perfect, Michelle!

  3. Lou

    Awesome. So reminded me of The Story of an Hour by Chopin.

    Loved it.

  4. good stuff. and such a perfect 1-word ending sentence:”Finally.”

  5. Love the ending. Short and wonderful.

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