The Last Time by Darryl Price

we met you wanted to
be hungrily kissed in
the dark with a small moon
for your only pillow
and just stars for your billowing

nightgown. How am I
to go forward with so
much sweet chaos in my
mind? I am wrecked upon
your lips like a delirious

old sailor who embraces
the surrounding
sea like it’s an arrow
through a sad thirsty heart.


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6 responses to “The Last Time by Darryl Price

  1. I don’t even know where to start. The images and language are just so lush; ‘small moon for your only pillow’, ‘arrow through a sad thirsty heart’. Just wonderful.

  2. wow, just wow darryl, one of the most touching love poems i’ve ever read. i also have a special place in my heart for “dilapidated old sailors” and come back to them frequently in my thoughts. finally, “How am I
    to go forward with so/much sweet chaos/ in my
    mind?” is just the briefest, most complete description of both the artistic and the mind in love that i can think of. great art, darryl no less than always of course but one doesn’t tire to say it.

  3. Kelly Grotke

    this is wonderful.

  4. Beautiful.

    >I am wrecked upon your lips-<

    Just beautiful.

  5. Love this, DP. Sensuous and passionate. Wrecked upon your lips — wish I had penned this phrase. Peace…

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