A Scattering of Rivals by Beate Sigriddaughter

Peace isn’t easy. Especially in fall when red leaves float down.

My first rival was my father, by far the favorite child in the family. The rest of us were easily eclipsed by his colorful tantrums. At breakfast over honey rolls, mother explained she had deliberately chosen him. We were more accidental.

I couldn’t wait to grow up. I planned to go to the ends of the earth to avoid rejection.

I had a date for the prom in February. In April he fell head over heels for Nola, lead actress in the senior musical.

“I’ll still go to the prom with you,” he nobly offered.

“No thanks,” I said and imagined them dancing.

My best friend with Joan of Arc hair and violet eyes was summoned to bed by the man I wanted as we were sitting at the foot of the stairs, talking of immortality and oranges and a certain fairytale fox. They left me with moonlight and Green Chartreuse.

A husband left for a long-legged creature on the brink of first bloom.

An old lover’s new love already swept his front porch as I walked by.

My favorite T-shirt is yellow and tattered: a wanderer, a woman, walks on a mountain bridge. I dream of the inside of gold lit windows I sometimes see at dusk.

I have come full circle. I am grown up now. My young son is already more important. Earth has no end.


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7 responses to “A Scattering of Rivals by Beate Sigriddaughter

  1. I’m thinking that this piece should be a bit of a downer, but the image I get is of two poles, the (fantastic) first and last sentences, with these somewhat ‘unfortunate’ happening spaking between them.

  2. I love this piece, Beate. It has the drama of a lifetime of loves passing through, yet leaves the character complete. Lovely.

  3. I felt like the end she matured enough to put other people (her son) first. Nice job.

  4. so unexpected and powerful, the turn in the end, away from anticipation : “I have come full circle. I am grown up now.”

    and this last line: “Earth has no end.”

    i love this. the non-end of earth as ending point of the story.

  5. I read this on f’naut and was captivated by the poetry and music, and the longing here. It still holds for me during this second reading. The yellow t-shirt especially moved me with its image that was important to this story, and all the different women who took over her place in the world.

  6. I love the matter-of-fact tone, only slightly wistful, used by the narrator. Beautifully written, one of my faves of yours. Peace…

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