All’s Fair in War by Catherine Russell

The two maids had been inseparable since the cradle. Hermia’s outgoing nature and natural charisma complemented her friend’s shy and quiet personality, and Helena never begrudged her friend’s popularity. She preferred the company of books to most of the addle-witted boys of Athens. But when her own fiancée’ cast her away to chase her lifelong friend – the gloves came off.

The abruptness of his change of heart shocked everyone. Throughout his courtship of Helena, Demetrius barely noticed her friend. In fact, during the Duke’s engagement ball, he’d paid more attention to Hermia’s father; The two men conversed the entire night.

Only days later, he asked The Professor for Hermia’s hand in marriage. Surely some art swayed the motion of Demetrius’ heart. Helena knew he wasn’t so shallow as to be lured by the wealth and position of Hermia’s family.

Still- she’d seen his eyes when he met Hermia’s father. The Professor was an impressive figure. However, the way he favored Demetrius made her… uneasy.

All was fair in love and war, and Helena intended to win at any cost. But who was her rival? The fair Hermia or The Professor?

Cupid was a knavish lad.


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8 responses to “All’s Fair in War by Catherine Russell

  1. Very cool Catherine, “surely some art swayed the motion of Demetrius’ heart” is the best line ever!

  2. Thanks! Can’t take credit for the line though… I ‘borrowed’ and slightly changed it from MidSummer Night’s Dream. The whole thing’s obviously inspired by the play, and I put a few near quotes in as homage to the Bard. :)

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  4. Nicely written in the perfect style and form of a tale. Love the last line.

  5. Some subtle slyness here; really well told (I loved the seeming incongruity of ‘the gloves came off’). And I agree with Susan–that last line would make for a great story.

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  7. Lots of Bardish fun! Very much enjoyed this tale written with grand style. Peace…

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