rivals are by Dorothee Lang

rivals are
rivals are ready
rivals are blowing smoke, bankrupt
rivals are good for you
rivals are pushing it aside, still unmarried
rivals are remarkable on several levels
rivals are the only match tonight
rivals are 500 g per litre
rivals are on a roll, fooled by the influence of the spirit
rivals are so small, beautiful, and doing
rivals are quietly plotting their revenge
rivals are getting dressed to thrill
rivals are your best friend

*(rivals are based on googlism)


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6 responses to “rivals are by Dorothee Lang

  1. The repetition and the diverse actions makes me think that life is always a competitive sport. Nicely done, Dorothee.

  2. Weird, interesting take on the prompt! :)

  3. thanks for the feedback. yes, a little weird – but weird in the way the world is, with terms picked up from the results of the “googlism” search page: http://www.googlism.com

  4. Darryl P.

    Fun and interesting!

  5. Found prose! Love it, Dorothee, so inventive and interesting. Peace…

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