Through the plate glass by Guy Yasko

Alice thought of Dean and Duncan as rivals. She had no idea what they
thought. She had never asked. She goaded them because she felt more
secure, more herself when they fought. “This is what Alice is supposed
to do.” She liked the diversion. She knew she would miss it if it were
gone. Would she find herself fighting with one or both? Where would that
lead? At least she knew where their arguments went. It was safer that
they fight.

But what if they didn’t? She had seen them through the bar window, their
eyes fixed to the game, sharing cigarettes, eating peanuts from the same
bowl. She watched through the window until she noticed they were
cheering the same team.


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4 responses to “Through the plate glass by Guy Yasko

  1. Nice scene here, as we watch her watching them.

  2. Alice seems a bit full of herself; doesn’t she? Ah well, rivals united by team spirit. Nice!

  3. guy

    Thanks for the reads and the comments. Inspired by Lewis Carrol characters and the idea of socially necessary appearance in chapter 3 of Capital.

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