Reverie re: rivals revealed by Walter Bjorkman

“I think, in spite of it all, I’d rather be the yellow bug” Sid proclaimed.

“I don’t know, Sid, the red one is the mean mother, only the brown one keeps trying to get by her, nobody’s gonna top her, she got it made, she established dominance.” They had decided the red bug per force was female, after staring for the last two hours at the picnic-style table top in the campground in Anacortes.

“We gotta finish this stuff off before the border” Eddie had wisely noted.They were brought up to waste not, want not, so they divied up the one tab left when they awoke.

The three bugs of different types did a rival’s dance for the two hours. Both agreed they wouldn’t want to be the brown bug, who constantly tried to get past the red one, only to be had at, bitten or stung and then retreating. The yellow one tried to invade the red one’s space just once, got bit, and hied it to the corner, just occasionally glancing over, but never trying again. They tried to make the scene in front of them into a stage play, a metaphor for life, trying to find deep meaning infused by the artificial and false insight of their altered state.

Finally, Eddie leaned back, took in the astonishing view of mountain and fjord before him and declared:

“They’re just stupid bugs, I don’t want to be any of ’em.”


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3 responses to “Reverie re: rivals revealed by Walter Bjorkman

  1. How enlightened! It’s amazing what’s heights of philosophy we can reach when inebriated… :D

  2. Intense few moments there, until a decision is made. Nice.

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