Getting to Know You: A Six Course Meal by Michelle Elvy

1. Salad

Oh no: onions. I despise
raw onions.

I wonder why she’s not eating
her salad.

2. Soup

The soup’s a little salty
— but I like salty.
He looks salty, too.

I wonder if she appreciates
the secret to leek soup.
Maybe she doesn’t care;
maybe she doesn’t eat greens —
she hardly touched her salad.
Oh, but she’s slurping now —
and dripping down her chin.
I think she likes the soup.

3. Entrée

Grilled veggies, mmmmm perfect.
Everything’s a little
too perfect.
Maybe he lives with his mother
and he’s stuffed her in a closet.

Damn! look at her eat.
I love a woman who dives into
her food — none of that
And she just downed her second stout.
She could be
the one….

4. Main Course

How does he know how to make
molé? Just the right bite.
A man who understands poblanos and chocolate
is a man for me.
I’m ready to forgive him
beginning our date with onions.

She digs the mole.
I like a woman who appreciates
the right amount of bite.

5. Dessert

Christ, this pecan pie rivals
my gran’s. Fuck this talk
about my thirty kindergarteners
and his thirty employees, I’m gonna
ask him what’s for breakfast.

I wonder if she likes strawberries
dipped in chocolate
eaten off
that dip in her belly button
which I imagine
to be near-perfect?


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6 responses to “Getting to Know You: A Six Course Meal by Michelle Elvy

  1. Very nice. What we eat communicates so much, even that we’re unaware of, and this story brings that out.

  2. You turned their meal into a looking glass. Nice one.

  3. I love the unspoken, the real stuff going on in a relationship below the surface of communication. Nice one, Michelle.

  4. I love the form and all the internal chatter that accompanies their efforts to ‘read’ each other. Vert clever all round.

  5. Randal Houle

    Oh yes! thank you for this. great form too.

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