Unseen by Lola Elvy

Highlight the box below for Unseen by Lola Elvy

The octopus lives in an undersea cave
and squirts out black ink to blind the brave.

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12 responses to “Unseen by Lola Elvy

  1. Doug Bond

    Bewildering, bi-lined, black-boxed brilliance!
    Bully for you, Miss Lola

  2. I love it–I love the dip into new ways of storytelling. You’d probably love writing hypertext as well! Neat.

  3. This is fantastic! What fun.

  4. guy

    I am also an octopus fan. Excellent theme. And…

    how’d you do that?

  5. Al McDermid

    Hate to use the word ‘clever’ because it seems of late to have taken on a negative connotation, but . . . I had to smile.

  6. so good and playful, diving into the medium. yes, how did you do it?

  7. I don’t mind saying it was clever. It reminds me of a monochrome painting where you have to pay attention to how the light hits the canvas in order to see the picture. Well done!

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  9. Lola

    Thanks for the comments! I had the idea to make the words hide — black words lurking in black background. I got a little bit of help from Walter.

    Thank you all again. I loved writing this piece.

  10. Brilliant, Lola, Very clever.

  11. Very cute – so impressed. Fantastic use of the medium.

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