The Blonde by Stephen Hastings-King

1. When the head of the king popped off the royal body, the lackey thought about historical necessity.

That was the first sentence. Because of it, the story ground to a halt.

2. The famous writer has just been daydreaming about being a famous writer, about frolicking famously in the sun, about riding in a glittery boat through the still clear morning air. He dreams of going somewhere by following long thin black lines through mazes of events, scales and entailments. He dreams of connecting one moment to another because he is a cloud that is continually pulling apart because everything rivals for his attention because


3. The king’s plastic head roll across the table, past the salt and pepper shakers, the plate with a fried egg on it, the utensils, pile of toast and cup of coffee to the edge of the booth and fall to the floor.

He says: That was the king’s head.

The blonde smiles.

4. Who is the blonde?

Stymied, the famous writer tries to transforms himself into Truman Capote.
Sensing the approach, Truman Capote squirms.
Failing in the transform, the two sit next to each other on a couch.
Truman Capote lifts an eyebrow as if to indicate he has a secret.


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7 responses to “The Blonde by Stephen Hastings-King

  1. This is excellent. I love all the weird shifts and strange details.

  2. good title, good character, this famous writer. but i like people like that, serious writers with aspirations and blonde friends.

  3. guy

    If i were a blonde, Truman Capote would ruin it for me. Don’t wanna be part of no entourage, no coterie. Especially when i just got that famous writer alone on the sofa!

    Just by coincedence, i’ve been reading Uno on historical necessity, science/theory & Capital. And naturally, this one had me thinking about the Lefort essay on democracy & the body of the king. The beheading ruptures the symbolic order, makes everything that follows possible.

    I liked this one a lot.

  4. stephen

    thanks folks. this was fun to make. it felt a little like a throwaway for a while, but i’ve gotten to like it and am pleased you do as well.

  5. Quirky galore, and lots of fun. I prefer blondes myself :) Peace…

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