Choose Your Own Adventure by Marty Brick

You and your husband are invited to a masquerade ball, but that night you suffer a migraine. You insist your husband go alone, while you take some medicine and fall asleep. A few hours later you awake, much relived. Do you:

~ Stay home and relax?
~ Go to the party?

You decide to go. Arriving, you find your husband having too good of a time. He’s on the dance floor, flirting with, kissing, and fondling every woman in sight. Do you:

~ Charge out and put him in his place?
~ Considering he never saw your costume, put him to the test?

Test it is. You move out and dance suggestively. He abandons the others and directs all attention toward you. There’s some dancing, some stray hands. Soon he nods his head toward a hallway, showing you to a storage room. Do you:

~ Reveal yourself and berate him?
~ Let him have his fun now, so you can really berate him later?

You go for the lesson with more sting. In the dark he has his way with you. Then you slip off, to beat him home. You change into your pj’s and wait patiently. “How was your night?” you ask nonchalantly.

“Pretty boring,” he says.

“No? No dancing?”

“Nah. I saw some of the guys. We went into a side room to play cards. But I’ll tell you, this guy I loaned my costume to sure had a great time.”

Do you:

~ You’re on your own…


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6 responses to “Choose Your Own Adventure by Marty Brick

  1. Oh that was very funny – I really laughed out loud at the last line. Thanks.

  2. This cracked me up, Marty! Love it.

    I need a costume like that for Halloween, dammit.

  3. Great job! This is so close to the hypertext experience while deciding the path for the reader. Nicely done, great and funny story!

  4. guy

    I laughed out loud — and that’s completely out of character for me.

  5. Ganymeder

    LOL! That was hilarious!

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