Synecdoche by Guy Yasko

They follow the wolf’s tracks over the dune, past the point’s wind-bent
tree. In the fog, the forest’s edge is a wall which hides something
larger, some unseen threat. The trees themselves are haunted by mist
threading between their branches. And beyond the fog, beneath the
waters, lurking in the kelp, under the cover of surf’s roar? Who put the
sticks in the sand?

“Let’s go.” says the girl as she takes her brother’s hand.


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4 responses to “Synecdoche by Guy Yasko

  1. Lovely writing, but I wanted the story to go on.

  2. Short and surprisingly sweet, considering how ominous the beginning of the story seemed! Nicely done.

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  4. stephen

    i like this story, that it replicated in my head after i finished reading it, that it is at more than one level what the title says it is. and the viewpoint, which seems very child-like. lovely.

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