Unseen Phenomena By Randal Houle

Prologue: Phenomenon

Phenomenon means real. Many people use the word to describe something unreal, such as, “That weekend was phenomenal.” In other words, the weekend was so real, it was unreal, and by unreal, I mean totally real.

Chapter 1: A Blank Page

I have never seen a blank page. Every time a blinding ivory rectangle is set in front of me, my mind puts words on the page. Whether my hand follows to pen something, or my fingers move over keys, is another matter; but the page is never blank. You might describe my having never witnessed a blank page as being phenomenal.

Chapter 2: A Typewriter Make a Mistake

I have never seen a typewriter make an error. Not to say that it has never happened, just that I have never witnessed the phenomenon. If I ever did, I would describe the matter as being “phenomenal.” Typos are almost exclusively the fault of the user. When I was a child, I used to press as many of the keys as possible, so that the metal bars would stick together. Typewriters will say whatever you make them say.

Chapter 3: Blameless Politicians

I have never seen a blameless politician. The amount of money that is thrown around, as if anyone knows what they are doing, is quite phenomenal. By phenomenal, of course, I mean all too real, and by all too real, I mean completely unreal.


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6 responses to “Unseen Phenomena By Randal Houle

  1. Ah, the ending stifled my initial, “but that’s not a story.” It most certainly is; the story of our times.

  2. I love how you progressed from phenomenal to using the word to describe everything. Fun.

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