Brothers by Catherine Russell

The pale figure scratched his head with one taloned hand and regarded his brother. “Igor,” it said.

“Boris,” said the other creature, stepping from the shadows. “I knew you’d come back here eventually.”

“I could say the same about you,” Boris replied. Moonlight reflected off the surface of his marble skin.

Igor approached, though not a single leaf crunched beneath his feet. “Can you blame me? This was our home… long ago. ”

The other creature’s stillness remained unbroken. Electricity charged the atmosphere. The wind sang a mournful tune through trees whose leafy garments lay strewn upon the ground. After a few moments, Boris said, “I do.”

“I had no choice. The plague would have taken you… It was the only way.”

“Save my life by taking it? How can I thank you, brother?” No warmth lingered in his eyes for the companion of his ancient childhood.

“I sickened too. Our kind cannot consume infected blood without some risk. I almost died the truth death…”

“What a comfort that was as I fought to survive the wound you gave me.” He touched the scar on his neck.

“What can I do?” Igor asked.

“Finish what the plague started. Never again will you inflict this monstrosity on another to stave off your own weakness.” He grinned. “Don’t worry, old friend. I promise to be more merciful than you were to me. I will only kill you.”


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11 responses to “Brothers by Catherine Russell

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  2. adampb

    Sibling rivalry is a killer. Good twist.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  3. Yes, such a relief to hear about marble skin that doesn’t glitter!

    Very good depiction of revenge and brotherly “love.”

  4. The voice is right on. The story, blood more brutal than mere friendship.

  5. Al McDermid

    “I will only kill you.” That sounds really grim, perfect tone for the theme. Doesn’t even matter I’m not sure what they are.

  6. Anyone who survived the plague must have felt they were magical undead creatures…. Interesting.

  7. Ah…this story has so much edge! Great stuff.

    Thanks for reading my work…I appreciate it!

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  9. Blood is thicker… ha! Great stuff, kind of like a parable. Peace…

  10. Annette

    I love that ending. Some people are so ungrateful for the help given by their siblings.

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