evolution by al mcdermid

I dearly want to reject Darwin

the notion that
fragile egotistical
self-absorbed vipers
are evolved

human superiority-
larger brains
aid deception
opposable thumbs
are best
for gripping daggers

that we are
little more than
clever monsters
seeped in contempt
niggardly with praise
as if
it cost something

the evolution
of black-hearted
false friends that
piss on my shadow while
smiling in my face

and despite
overwhelming evidence
that I should
wreak unholy havoc
this too I

I turn away
trusting instead
‘the better angels
of our nature’*
because to do so
is to evolve

*Abraham Lincoln, First Inaugural, March 4th, 1861


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7 responses to “evolution by al mcdermid

  1. Nicely described, Al. Though I must admit that I find man’s true instinct is basically self-serving, and that yes, evolution has forced us to be kind.

  2. Thanks, Susan. Yes, it does seem that both elements have served us, but I think posssibly, that as the world grows more complex, self-interest will become more of a problem (not that should be abandoned entirely).

  3. Al, really like this, a different approach from you. I’ve been struggling with much of the same philosophy as your narrator. The especially resonates:

    the evolution
    of black-hearted
    false friends that
    piss on my shadow while
    smiling in my face

    Ah, hypocrisy… gotta endure it, I guess. peace…

    • Thanks, Linda. I simply walked away from these particular ‘friends’, but the really does seem the only answer. That, or simply endure it, though I seem to be growing more solitary (though that may be a function of where I live).

  4. Ganymeder

    This was wonderfully emotional and philosophical. Great poem.

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