Outbound by Michael Webb

“Oh, I don’t drive,” she announced, folding one impossibly long leg over the other. She had a short, frilly skirt on, with expensive looking shoes. She could fold one leg over the other so she could slide one foot around her other ankle.

I found that hard to imagine. “Really?”

“Oh, yeah. Never got my license.”

“So how do you go… anywhere? How do you get to work? ” I was fighting my way through the airport traffic- nothing dramatic, just long lines of cars, and decisions- change lanes or don’t, accelerate here or wait.

“I find someone to drive me.”

Someone male, I mused. Someone like me. Someone who can’t resist a warm smile. She had approached me, at the end of an unusually easy afternoon, while I was making sure all my loose ends were tied up. She came around the corner of the cubicle I was in, towering over the top in a virginally clean white blouse. The toe of one shoe, with a gold bauble on it, showed around the green felted wall.

“Can you do me a favor? I need a ride to the airport tonight.” Her voice was sparkly, flirty, and rich- like a wine commercial come to life.

“Of course,” I had said. Out of nothing but a misplaced sense of duty to a very pretty woman I barely knew, I found myself driving to the airport, having said “yes” to another woman when I meant “no”.


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7 responses to “Outbound by Michael Webb

  1. Great story, and even better finish. No problem see her, and easy to see myself saying yes.

  2. Men are suckers, welcome to the club. Very descriptive prose and narrative, thank you. Cheers.

  3. Ganymeder

    Liked the ending. I thought originally thought she just took the bus! :)

  4. Oh, I was going to write I loathe women like that … but there are men like that too. So I guess my reaction is a good indication of the strength of your characterisation!

  5. Great ending. I know too many peoople like her. As I get older, my favorite word is ‘no’. But so hard to say.

    But it’s the way she says it: last minute, all perky and dressed in her ‘virginal white blouse’. That’s why he can’t resist. Peace…

  6. The last paragraph was so relatable, I fist pumped with emotion. Good writing, man.

  7. I like the switch! And, love this: “rich- like a wine commercial co”me to life.

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