shades of a young miss zorita by Quenby Larsen

When you sit on your Mama’s porch with your friend’s eight foot boa constrictor around your neck, think: “Long lines.” You are along the lines with your constrictor. You are the fifty pound smooth skinned muscle sliding along your arms and shoulders. You tense, he tenses. You freak out, you’re dead. He’s not a kitten, OK? He’s not a puppy. He’s not your Mama’s love “surprise.”

You have never been so cool in your whole life. The beer you drank may be helping, though it may be the second hand pot smoke, and no, you don’t do that. You’d never see the light of day, much less the boa, much less the guy who kisses you with his pot mouth. At night, he climbs up onto your preacher daddy’s roof and into your bedroom. He puts his finger on you and releases bird after pent-up bird. You blow him with your grateful, wet mouth as he lies on your technically virgin bed.

When you are in the grip of the snake it helps you have been sexual, so don’t ever let someone talk you out of it. Its muscular contractions are like serial multiple orgasms. Some men cannot handle it, are terrified, are strangled, are found dead in cages. Lucky women know what’s going on. So ride it out, dear sister, do not move. Ride it out and lengthen your sweet gorgeous lines.


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11 responses to “shades of a young miss zorita by Quenby Larsen

  1. Randal Houle

    Nicely done. Great use of the theme, and second person. The first line really captured me and held me like a boa constr… ok, I won’t be that cheesy. :)

    • Quenby Larsen

      Is it cheesy to reply to comments? I don’t know. I’ll blame it on being new. You should hold a boa sometime and then you’ll realize how much this writing snippet pales by comparison. But I’m glad you were captured… Q

  2. The snake was unexpected, but the sexual tie-in had me laugh. And I second Randal, great voice.

  3. Ganymeder

    You took the theme in a direction I never suspected but really enjoyed.

  4. Oh my, I’ll never look at a Boa the same way again. Thank You for sharing!

  5. This reads like a poem, Quenby, the voice honest and flowing. I like the tie in of the snake in the less familiar simile of female sexuality rather than male. Very well done.

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