SNOWSTORM by Linda Simoni-Wastila

Wind slams the trailer. Dolores and Marty cook through the Nor’easter. JJ’s late.

“He ain’t coming,” Marty says. “Time to sample the goods.”

The blade slices the white mound, tap-tap-tapping crystalline lines on glass.

“JJ’s gonna be pissed.” Dolores malt-liquored breath scatters the powder.

Marty shrugs, rolls the twenty. Saliva gushes.

The door blows open.


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8 responses to “SNOWSTORM by Linda Simoni-Wastila

  1. Ha ha ha … I laughed out loud reading this, expecting something awful to happen but not quite that. Very funny and so succinct. Admirable.

  2. Randal Houle

    I wondered if someone would go the drug route with Long Lines. Good job.

  3. I had wanted to go with these particular lines but couldn’t figure out how; having the scene take place during a snowstorm was a particularly nice touch.

  4. Ganymeder

    Great play on words. nice!

  5. guy

    Ticket to ride, white line highway
    Tell all your friends, they can go my way
    Pay your toll, sell your soul
    Pound for pound costs more than gold
    The longer you stay, the more you pay
    My white lines go a long way
    Either up your nose or through your vein
    With nothin to gain except killin’ your brain.

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