A Long Line of Entertainers by Tom Allman

Arkady and Victor were brothers.  It was assumed they would join their family in the Moscow Circus.  But, they were extremely fond of the bottle.  Unable to hold a job in a country of alcoholics, they spent most of their time waiting in line.

The Brothers argued a lot.  They yelled and bullied, screamed and harangued, insulted and insinuated. Their fellow line-standers found their antics extremely entertaining.  They provided the brothers with vodka, cigarettes, and encouragement.

Arkady was a bear of a man, and had a temperament to match.  He would stomp up and down the sidewalk bellowing curses and admonitions.  He was a true Soviet Man and believed that the State was right in all things.

Victor was sharp witted and had the tongue of a poison adder.  He would lean against the wall, hands in pockets, and calmly knock holes in his brother’s arguments.  He was a skeptic and a cynic.

It was so entertaining that people would say that they were on their way to see the Arkady and Victor show rather than to queue for canned fish.  Then one day the old bosses were gone. The new ones didn’t believe in long lines.  Arkady and Victor were no longer famous, and the Moscow Circus had moved to Branson.


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2 responses to “A Long Line of Entertainers by Tom Allman

  1. Ganymeder

    Nicely written. Quite a different topic this week. I really enjoyed this!

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