Going Galt by Guy Yasko

By 8:20, i’ve made it to exit 307B — good time for a Thursday — but
it’s backed up from there. A long line of cars inches down the on
ramp. I watch from my lane. Each driver waits for the green, then rolls
forward to shoehorn into the right- most lane. It’s all codified,
ritualised — like the dance of bees. I see an SUV waiting its turn. Its
bumper sticker announces that someone or something is “Going Galt.”

— The hell you are! You’re sitting here in traffic with the rest of
us. Why? Because you have to get to work by nine!

I marvel at the irony. Who wouldn’t? Then i think negating something
because it’s stuck in traffic or because someone is going to work might
also be a fantasy. I mean, how long can this go on?


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4 responses to “Going Galt by Guy Yasko

  1. Really liked that you compared traffic to the dance of bees. :) Nice one.

  2. I am mesmerazied by the sticker satement “Going Galt.” It is related to Ain Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged,” right? There is so much irony that makes me think about it. May be he IS going on strike by sitting in that traffic.
    Very thoughtful. I love it!

    Rita, *going Galt* ;-)

  3. guy

    Yes, it is a reference to Rand. I was interested in the abstract issues of political meaning more than any one particular ideology. It could have been a “Hasta la victoria siempre” or a “Vote SWP” bumper sticker (if such things exist — haven’t seen one.) I thought about changing the slogan or putting others in. In any case, 250 word flashes are perhaps not the best venue for speculation in political philosophy.

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