Elspeth By Tom Allman

Deep in the Old Forest there was a forgotten graveyard. The weathered and broken tombstones were scattered like so many broken teeth. It was the quietest place on Earth.

But, on the first day of spring a troop of tiny homunculi jump and frolic around a lonely marble monolith. Nut brown and as big as a whisper they were a gift for the daughter of a forgotten Wizard. He’d made them from the good earth and her tears.

“Oh Elspeth” they sang, “Walk with us to Silvery Stream and dance amongst the daffodils.” A friendly breeze would stir the gentle Willow. Then all was quiet once again.


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9 responses to “Elspeth By Tom Allman

  1. Very lonely and poetic. Nice one! I really like the part about the tombstones being like broken teeth, and “big as a whisper” was brilliant. :)

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  3. Short and beautiful. Lovely.

  4. Nice image of tombstones scattered like broken teeth.

  5. Real but unreal … this straddles beth well.

  6. Lyrical. ‘Nut brown and as big as a whisper’ – brilliant. Peace…

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  8. Very nice. Haunting while not scary, a nice balance there.

    Sorry I took so long to drop by. Welcome to #FridayFlash.

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