Equilibrium by Nicolette Wong

For Julien Tatham


The morning puts on a translucent blue coat, held for it by broken rays of sun. I draw loneliness on charcoal paper for her to unravel. Now unbounded, with a conquering violence, she bleeds open in my hand.



The day is spent, unlucky in smoke and rain. On my path are silent lives breathing in cells: in buildings, rooms and compartments in the minds of strangers. Traces of her are blurring in my coat pocket—I cannot hold her.



I shift in between the repercussions of her voice, cold and unyielding like the sleep of stone. An image of her multiples and rushes down memories: her handwriting on a cigarette box, my waking up to a room of mist, to a nip on her little morsel of flesh.



The story is scorching. Falling down ashen as the tip of the pencil breaks. It invades my present: a pair of tombstones in a faraway place, dew on wet grass, treading on softness until all is oblivion.

It should be so easy to give up.



In the darkened room the flame penetrates and is gone.


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6 responses to “Equilibrium by Nicolette Wong

  1. Randal Houle

    Ooh, I liked the form here. Very effective. The story has movement in such a confined space. Well done.

  2. The rhythm in this was nice. I liked the way you segmented the entire flash. :)

  3. Gorgeous writing from ‘the morning puts on a translucent coat’ all the way to the end. Peace…

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