Guilt edged love by Barbara-Lucy Hosken

First on the left as you enter graveyard
by open wrought-iron gate
tall railings ran behind tombstone
on Grandpa’s grave
all visitors passed as they walked
the drive to the old stone church
I recall one childhood time
when a friend and I were seen
decorating his grave with spring flowers
to bring it alive with colour
showing my gilt-edged love

It was Easter, graves overflowed
with daffodils and tulips
which we decided to share all around
so not one grave would be empty
grandpa was getting a beautiful bunch
which my neighbour commented on
I couldn’t admit to stealing them all
from others which had lots
just a few at a time so no-one would know
my embarrassing guilt edged love


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4 responses to “Guilt edged love by Barbara-Lucy Hosken

  1. Awww, its about guilt but the motivations were childhood innocence. Beautifully told.

  2. Really such a nice image of innocence and caring.

  3. Lovely sentimental feel, the way the older headstones make me feel with their engravings. Peace…

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