SoApS iN tHe SiNk by Darryl Price

Hello ghosts. I’m not ready yet to become
part of your toothless frothing group but I
thank you for the bubbling foamy offer. At
least you care. But really you look just
fine the way you are all meshed together

in silent wail and freezing moan.And I’m
sure on some level that it’s a most
wonderful music you make that creates just the
right imbalance between the swaying and the swinging
note, the glowing perfect atmosphere for such ghosting

together activities. It’s just that well you see
I’ve a few more activities myself such as
the writing of more poems among the bacterium
to perform before I could be called anywhere
near complete and ready to change so picture

significantly. So although I do certainly appreciate the
dear trouble you must have gone through to
present yourselves in such an amusing and creative
way to me I have to decline. I
want to live. It’s ever so much fun.


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4 responses to “SoApS iN tHe SiNk by Darryl Price

  1. This was adorable and witty. Loved it!

  2. Thumbing your nose at ghosts. Love it, DP! Peace…

  3. Wonderfully light and yet such a nice view of living life and staving off death.

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