The gathering by Guy Yasko

Child one slumps in his chair; only his head is above the table. Child
two hovers behind the diners, giggling with her cousin.

— We’re leaving.
— Which car are you taking?
— We’ll walk.
— Come on you two. We’re going.

Out of the gathering, out the farmhouse door, onto the road.

— It’s hot.
— It’s not that hot. Let’s go.
— Where?
— Cemetery. We’ll see your uncle. You haven’t been there, have you?
— No.

Down to the crossroads, over the bypass, past the new houses.

— Can’t you walk faster?
— We’re tired.
— I guess so.

The children poke at ants with their sticks. Father waits under the gate.

— Where is it?
— I think it’s just over the top of the hill, on the other side

It isn’t.

— She was my friend’s mother.
— He ran the paint store.
— He was my teacher’s husband.

They find a grave from 1835, but they don’t find Uncle.


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6 responses to “The gathering by Guy Yasko

  1. Loved ones lost in more ways than one. Nice one.

  2. A bittersweet story, I like the way you presented the dialogue, very real voices, and the scene was told with great economy yet clearly visible in this readers mind. Well done!

  3. Really nice insight into family ties that thread through the generations. Well done.

  4. Deft handling of the dialogue, you painted so much in such short space. Peace…

  5. guy

    Thanks for the encouragement everyone.

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