The Green Lady Cemetery by Susan Gibb

The cemetery was an old man’s yawn, broken teeth dotting the dry straw of his tongue. Her tombstone leaned sleepily askew.

“Can you can straighten it?” she asked. I wanted to please her but the stone probably weighed 300 pounds.

“I’ll need help, but sure.”

She smiled and I melted. I poured hot chocolate into her cup. I watched the steaming liquid go down her throat. She is a greenish tone and transparent. I’m totally in love.

We met on a dare by my best bud Frankie. “The cemetery’s haunted!” he’d said.

Friday night, two carloads of kids, some six-packs, and then The Green Lady herself. Kids screaming and wheeling out of there lickety-split. I passed out.


“She’s beautiful,” Frankie said. He held the stone level with a crowbar while I shoveled dirt underneath.

“You’ve seen her?

“Well…just that night.”

No one else has felt the cool breeze of her lips. A real woman–well, not real, but more of a woman than any of the girls I’ve dated.

“Lift it up so it don’t settle in low.” I tossed in some stones for form, and tamped it down with the shovel. Together we eased the crowbar out and the tombstone settled in place. “Perfect!” I said.


I usually saw her on Friday nights but now I couldn’t wait that long. There she was, admiring the tombstone. I almost fainted for there too was Frankie, handing her a coke.


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8 responses to “The Green Lady Cemetery by Susan Gibb

  1. Great opening line, Susan. And the story is so, I want to say charming, which I mean in the best possible way, especially the rivalry (?) for the ghost’s affections.

  2. Witty and endearing ghost story. The hot chocolate was a nice touch. :)

  3. Love this, Susan – brilliant!

  4. Great minds think alike, my first lines are very similar. Having a ghost friend would be awesome My ghost experiences have been all positive, so far. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Lovely. That first line — perfetto. Tender story. Peace…

  6. Am never a big fan of ghost stories but this made me smile and then laugh – I liked it a lot. Very real. Thanks.

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