The Clinic by Matthew A. Hamilton

Bob walks in the Doctor’s Hospital of Manila, goes to the information desk.

“I’m looking for Dr. Cortez,” he says.

“Second floor,” the young girls says. “Make a right at the elevator, then take your first right. Room 205.”

“Thank you,” Bob said.

There is a pile of people waiting next to 205. Bob walks in.

“May I help you?” the receptionist says.

“I’m from Peace Corps,” Bob says. “They called you.”

The receptionist hands him a sheet of paper. “Yes, sir, please fill this out and we’ll get you in as soon as we can.”

“Looks like lots of people out there, though,” Bob said. “How long’s the wait?”

“We can get you in as soon as the doctor arrives, sir.”

“Are you sure?” Bob asked.

“Yes, sir. We have a good relationship with Peace Corps.”

“Thank you,” Bob said.

Thirty minutes pass, then an hour. The nurse comes out. “Sir,” she says, “I’m sorry, but the doctor will be late. Do you want to come back tomorrow at twelve?”

“Sorry,” Bob says, “but I have another appointment at twelve, but I can make it early morning tomorrow, say eight?”

“Sorry sir, the clinic opens at eleven. But if you don’t mind waiting now, it will be another hour.”

“I’ll wait.”

After another thirty minutes, the nurse returns. “I’m sorry, sir, but the doctor is ill. Can you come back tomorrow?”

“I guess I’ll have to,” Bob says.


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8 responses to “The Clinic by Matthew A. Hamilton

  1. Are you sure this didn’t take place in Germany?!

  2. Very interesting development–so routine that we connect with it yet it still offers the mystery.

  3. Quenby Larsen

    I loved the inane chatter in this piece and the seemingly senseless waiting. Waiting for Godot. Very much liking this. It also has a nice sense of rhythm and pace.

  4. Randal Houle

    “the” doctor… love it. TOo bad for all those poor people.

  5. The doctor was ill? Too bad for both of them!

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  7. Love the circularity. Though I think this occurred in Baltimore, not Manila! Peace…

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