A hair-raising story by Stella Pierides

He always followed her advice. When she said you should buy this
jacket, it suits you, he bought it; this tie goes with your hair, he
wore it. She chose his shirts and his suits for him. As if he were a
boy and she his mother rather than his wife.

So, when he came home with a totally new haircut, she knew he was
having an affair. She knew!

“This is a bad haircut,” she told him. “It makes you look older. It
makes your face look fatter. This is not you.”

He didn’t respond. He just stood there, looking at her quietly,
steadily, fiddling with his belt. Shifting his weight on the other
leg, he reached for his coat, put it on and walked out the door.

She bit her lip, thinking. Suddenly a smile rippled on her face. She
now had an opponent. Her life would be more interesting from now on.


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7 responses to “A hair-raising story by Stella Pierides

  1. Oh I just love how you twisted this. Nice!

  2. She’s happy about the challenge? Whoa, that’s twisted. Nice turn about in the end.

  3. Dear Stella, I went to your blog to check out your on-line scrapbook which I love, but your blog is so extensive that it took a few visits to connect with 52/250. I love the concept – what can I write before midnight Mountain Standard time tonight? I love your story. The voice oh so true, and, of course, the twist. Doris

  4. Thank you all very much for your comments.
    Yes, the twist is … twisted! It came out of the blue (I didn’t know where the story was going), and then I thought why not, it can’t be a good, companionable relationship they are having, she is his “mother,” he is behaving as a rebellious teenager, and so, the next step was the “twist!” A grisly tale!
    See you next time!

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