Bad Haircut by Barbara-Lucy Hosken

We went away for a couple of months and left her on the farm. They fed her well, but didn’t do much else. She enjoyed being there and no one gave a shit what she looked like. The only water she saw was the duck pond in which she swam regularly. She loved that, then simply lay in the sun to get dry. The result was a sunburnt nose and shaggy hair that looked as if someone had worked hard to give her dreadlocks. I tried brushing it all out when she returned home but there was no way I could get through that mess and no way she was going to let me either! We had quite a tussle over it. There was only one thing for it. I just had to chop all the knotty bits off no matter what fuss she made. I couldn’t let her go out looking like that. Trouble was they were all over the place. I had to chop at different levels, different angles and left a few bald patches too! She didn’t look much better when I’d finished but at least it could be brushed through now. She didn’t care though. Dogs never do!


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5 responses to “Bad Haircut by Barbara-Lucy Hosken

  1. Adorable story! First I thought she WAS a duck, then I thought she was a girl-child, then I just went along with the story cause it was fun! You did trip me up on the ending!

  2. A sweet memory of summer vacations–nice work.

  3. very sweet, and rings true for anyone who’s loved a pooch. peace…

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