Mantra by Catherine Russell

Never argue with a woman holding a sharp instrument.

Klara’s internal monologue ran through her head as she watched her reflection in the vanity mirror. Vanity was an ironic name for it, considering the atrocity it revealed to her increasingly horrified gaze. She sat frozen and helpless in the face of the other woman’s superior strength, questionable sanity, and unnervingly sharp shears.

No wonder that barbers and beauticians had reputations as confidants. Sitting in the chair, letting someone near your head with such a weapon for an extended period of time, by necessity was an act of trust. However, Klara had never been a good judge of character.

“I know you wanted the sides long originally, but it’d be a shame to cover that pretty face of yours,” her captor crooned. “Now, tell me honestly. Do you like the mullet, dear?”

She was clearly insane. Klara silently recalled her mantra, nodded her head, and paid the twenty bucks.

Never argue with a woman holding a sharp instrument.


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19 responses to “Mantra by Catherine Russell

  1. Kelly Grotke

    there’s something very familiar about this, hehe – that was fun.

  2. A mullet? That’s perfect. And terrible at the same time.

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  4. Living with four women I can attest to the importance of that Mantra! “Klara had never been a good judge of character”, LOL….Priceless, thanks Catherine.

  5. Al McDermid

    A mullet!? That’s just too funny. I literally did laugh out loud. Never argue with such a woman indeed!

  6. Oh man, we’ve all been there, whether the weapon be scissors or a permanent. Nice!

  7. Because, really, what are you going to do? She has a sharp instrument, not super glue! ;) Nice work creating a two character by not showing too much of either character.

  8. I make it a point not to argue with anyone, regardless of gender, who is holding something even remotely dangerous. I once had an argument with a woman holding a scrubbing bad. It was months before the marks healed.

  9. I will agree wholeheartedly with the first and last lines. :D

    And as for the mullet? … Well, it’ll grow out, won’t it? :D

  10. LOL! I hope her hair grows fast…

  11. I hope she got a bit of revenge by not leaving a tip. Hopefully she makes a better choice next time. Good story!

  12. Deanna Schrayer

    Ahahaha! A mullet, how apt. Fun story Catherine.

  13. Brilliant! Your first and last line had me in fits of giggles…especially as I have a female family member cut my hair from time to time; you don’t know how accurate your statement was. Just sayin’. ;)

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  15. laradunning

    I’d be more scared of the mullet than the shears. Run for your life!

  16. Haha! Love the mullet. And the shears — did you know barbers used to be surgeons? Really. Fun take on the theme. Peace…

  17. This did make me giggle. As others have said, we’ve all been there. *shudder*. My worst ever haircut was from a man though ;o)

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  19. Catherine Davis

    As finely honed as those shears. Love it.

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