Was that really me? by Stacy Allen

Once upon a time there was a bad haircut.
She wouldn’t listen, wouldn’t lie flat, wouldn’t curl.
Her head said, “Why must you behave so poorly?”
Her head punished her with hot wind, a hot iron, and with chemicals,
but still the bad haircut wouldn’t mind.

In time, the head learned to be patient.
The bad haircut matured, and the head stopped the meaningless punishment routine.
As she grew older, the bad haircut learned to lie flat.
For this the head was happy.

She never did learn to curl, but it didn’t seem to matter anymore.
The head and the haircut lived happily together (for the most part).
Every now and then, they pull out the old photos and laugh
……….and laugh
…………………..and laugh.


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7 responses to “Was that really me? by Stacy Allen

  1. And I smiled, and smiled and smiled! What an original story!

  2. Very cool and most original, could be a story or prose-poem. I love this speaking-head that gets into your heart.

  3. Al McDermid

    Very cute. And I mean that in the nicest possible way. I enjoyed this a great deal.

  4. Absolutely perfect. A very routine and realistic scenario handled with this style and character that makes it unique and delightful.

  5. and i smiled, and smiled, and smiled.

    loved it. peace…

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