Mr. Invisible by Dawn Armstrong

I thought to myself “Really! This guy is fuckin crazy!” Of course I
couldn’t say it to him. He was sitting in my chair waiting for me to
start cutting his hair. He was, after all, a paying client. Between
the small talk we exchanged I was wondering if he was on some kind of
drug. Would it be appropriate, I thought, for me to refuse to cut his
hair the way he wanted me to cut it. After all, when people asked him
“Who the hell cut your hair like that?” he would tell them. Do I want
that type of reputation? Does it even matter? After all, I have my
regular clients that know my work. But still, it’s like sculpting
someone’s head and I don’t want to be thought of as a lousy sculptor.

Half an hour later he looks at himself quizzically in the mirror. His
head tilts from side to side and back to front. I spin him around and
hand him a mirror to look at the back of his abstract head. He spins
around again so he is facing the mirror. He looks up at me and I’m
waiting…. He speaks. “Hmmm, I think I may have to get used to
this.” And with a look of puzzlement, surprise and amusement he says
“You did exactly what I asked for. You really listened to me! No one
usually does.”


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10 responses to “Mr. Invisible by Dawn Armstrong

  1. You caught that one greatest fear of the client facing the hairstylist, and from the opposite point of view. Nice.

  2. Turnabout is fair play. I hope she got a decent tip!

  3. guy

    It’s good to have this angle on the bad haircut issue.

    Is it better to get what you ask for or what is good for you?

    • Dawn Armstrong

      It’s better to get what you ask for. It doesn’t happen that often so you have to grab it when you can.

      Thanks, Guy.

      • guy

        I would say it’s better to get what’s good for you. With a bad haircut it’ll probably grow out.

        I knew you’d have a fresh take on this issue! And people, if you’re in Milwaukee, Dawn listens AND she gives good cuts.

        Hey why is your logo cooler than mine?

        • Dawn Armstrong

          Who was talking about haircuts???

          Just a fact I’ve learned…A hairdresser can give you a haircut that he/she thinks is good for you. If you don’t feel comfortable with it, it isn’t going to feel good or look good on you no matter what.

          Your hairdressing tip for the day.

          My logo is cooler because I’m the new kid on the block.

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  5. Al McDermid

    I really want to see that haircut. Very funny, and drawn out perfectly.

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